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Mason Denture Clinic, located at 2892 Lakeshore Blvd West, has served the Etobicoke community for over 50 years. Located in the heart of Lakeshore Village, owner Robert Chodowiec DD has worked to bring affordable and long-lasting smiles to many residents in the community.

Michael was one of the first to become a Denturist when it was legalized in 1973. The industry is supervised by a regulatory body that protects the public’s right to quality oral health. Michael also sculpts and crafts Jewellery during his spare time. Denturists need artistic and manual dexterity to succeed. Michael, who was the original owner before selling the practice to Robert Chodowiec, still works as an associate with Mason Denture Clinic.

Our clinic offers many services, including full (upper/lower) dentures, partial (upper/lower) dentures, implant-retained dentures, teeth whitening, repairs, relines and more. We use the latest materials, techniques and procedures and provide special attention to appearance, comfort and convenience. Replacing your dentures at regular intervals makes it possible to maintain a healthy natural smile and prevent intraoral deterioration. The oral cavity is in constant state of change but dentures are not. Therefore, periodic relining of your dentures is necceessary. If you find your dentures getting loose and chewing more difficult, this may be a sign that a reline may be needed. Dentures typically need to be relined every 2 to 3 years or new ones made every 5 to 7 years.

At our on-premises lab, denture repair and relines can be done on the same day or while you wait. Our modern clinic employs the most up-to-date techniques, procedures and equipment for the best results and maximum comfort and convenience for our patients.

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